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The Jobs Are Back In Town

GoodJobsFirst.org's Executive Director Greg LeRoy reveals how the promise of job creation allows corporations and politicians to charge taxpayers for a ticket to the future... one that often never appears.

Let’s Make Sweet Music Alone

One-man-band Ben Sharp, who performs as the prog metal act Cloudkicker, walks us through his unorthodox journey as a bedroom musician adopting studio-grade technology during its emergence in the mid-2000s.

Stranded In The Food Desert

Genevieve Miller opens up about food scarcity & insecurity. We examine the neglect of socioeconomic infrastructure, and how filling bellies inexplicably takes a backseat to filling potholes.

Water On The Brain

Dr. David Zetland discusses water markets and water economics. We learn that, instead of turning water into wine, our modern-day saviors must turn water into accountable behavior.

Baby On Circuit Board

Jenn Sydeski guests. We chat about babytech, and how the proximity of a parent's "village" has dissipated over millennia... only to transform into an omnipresent digital collective.

Add Me On Meatspace

Alex Cherones guests. We rub the dark underbelly of cybersecurity, and harp on a recurring theme that humans just love to learn the hard way -- a lesson cybercriminals are happy to teach ad nauseam.

Police In The Panopticon

Dr. Brett Stoudt guests. We marvel at the military-grade technologies empowering police to be everywhere at once, and how their Kafkaesque aversion to accountability turns any free world into an e-carcerated state.

Time Machines Are Selling Potato Chips

Veronica Ahern guests. We anticipate adtech's influence on the quantification of consumers, while considering how algorithms continue to expand & exploit the gaps in our perceived reality.

Telecommuting With (Literally) Extra Steps

Gary Walker guests. We trade data points while pontificating on the pursuit of remote work as a cultural shift; not just towards location-independent labor, but the rebalancing of personal space & time.

The Miseducation Of Educators

Tracey Zimmerman & Ryan Gialames guest. We map the progress of online learning over recent years, and what its growth means for the 70% of students who can't afford to hit the pause button on real life for five years.

Democracy Beyond The Destination

Jamie Skella guests, as we lay claim to being the 2,487th podcast to discuss the madness of contemporary politics. Luckily, Jamie has an ace up his sleeve: he created a better way to vote.

Transportation Avoidance

The essential Telekinetic episode. Carlos Pardo guests, as we dive into the enigmatic concept of transportation avoidance as a cornerstone of mobility and urban planning.


Welcome to the show that goes nowhere fast. What is Telekinetic? It's where we explore the destruction and replacement of human movement. It could be telecommuting, delivery culture, virtual reality, job automation -- if there’s a trip being made by knowledge that used to be made by people, we're here for it.